بدھ، 3 اکتوبر، 2012

Is God really on back seat?

Mohammad Asif Reyaz

A few days ago, I was on a tour to Patna. On the way I met a gentleman who was an atheist. During the talk he told me, “I am an atheist and have no faith in God”.

What are you talking about? I asked. How is it possible for a man to deny God, still inhabiting on His earth, taking energy from His Sun, enjoying His water and oxygen. I elaborated; just think what will happen if God restrains His Oxygen, water, food, light and energy? Surely every living being on earth will die. The life on earth will come to an end all of a sudden.

A man who inhabits on the God's earth, drinks His water and takes His oxygen have no right to say “I do not believe in God”. In fact he has no choice but to believe in Him.

A man who lives on his own earth (and that is just impossible), drinks his own water, takes energy of his own created sun can only say that,  yeah , I Do Not Believe in God. But who has guts to say this! Every body is helpless in front of God. It is we who are in need of God and not God in need of us.

God created the earth and to light it He created the Sun. But creating the Sun was not enough to light the earth, for the earth was round and the light of the Sun was not covering the whole parts of it. Let me elaborate.

Take a torch in your one hand, and a football in the other. Now go to a dark room and put the light of the torch on the football in your hands. You will notice that only one part of the football gets enlightened.

Now, move the football in your hands, and you will notice that entire part gets light. This is how God is moving the earth on its axis, to light it from all sides. And it is this rotation that cause the day and the night.

So, the God who is moving the entire earth around the Sun cannot be denied and rejected. But, in spite of this fact, some people deny God and declaring Him worthless. Why? They think that God has gone to back seat now. He has no command over humanity. But this is nothing but a fallacy.

A man sees a farmer scattering the seeds in the field. He thinks that the seeds have gone out of the farmer's hands, but after a few months he returns and notices that the farmer came back and he harvested the whole crops and took it back home.

God created the earth and inhabited the human beings on it. Now they are more than 7 billions, scattering here and there on the earth.

Now they think that they are out of  God's powerful hands but the time will come they will notice that the way the farmer has brought back the crops the same way they have been brought back to God Almighty.

In the presence of God, man will find himself in an awkward position because he kept denying the very fact that he had to acknowledge.

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