جمعرات، 4 اکتوبر، 2012

A tree is recognized by its fruits

Mohammad Asif Reyaz

A woman living in my neighborhood paid a visit yesterday. We had a conversation over a cup of tea. She seemed unhappy with her mother-in-law, as she was complaining about her behaviour.

I interrupted and inquired about her husband?

To my surprise she was very positive about her husband. She mentioned her husband with great respect unlike her in law.

“My husband is very simple man. He has a loving nature, cares a lot about the children and me. He earns decent amount to fulfill our need. In fact he is an ideal husband”. She claimed proudly.

Hearing this, I quipped that the man you are praising with such beautiful words and are proud of, is in fact the son of the same lady whom you are mentioning with disrespect.

I told her that your case is of those who love fruits but hate the tree. I reminded her that in this case your husband is the fruit and the lady you are cursing is the tree. If the fruit is good so would be the tree, as a tree is recognized by its fruits.

I suggested her to refrain from such an approach as this is based on bias and hatred. This creates a weaker personality in a human being. This is what we call hypocrisy in religious terms and double standard in modern language.

I mentioned to her a saying of Jesus_ peace be upon him:

“For every tree is known by its fruits, for they do not pick figs from thorns, neither do they gather grapes from a bush.”

Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)

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