جمعہ، 28 ستمبر، 2012

The earth will tell its story

Mohammad Asif Reyaz

One has to cross the Yamuna bridge while going to Noida from Delhi. As soon as you cross the bridge you will see a big balloon floating in the air. I saw it just the other day. The Balloon was fasten to a hook and the earth was holding the hook as a man holds 'dhaga' in his hands while flying a kite.

The earth has a very balanced gravitational force because of which all things on earth are in order. If it had not been so, then the whole system would have collapsed. For instance if you step on Jupiter, you will find it hard to walk there. Why? Because, Jupiter has more gravitational pull than the earth. Similarly you would find it hard to walk on Moon as it has less gravitational pull than the earth.

Have you ever thought who is holding the pillars of your magnificent house, where you are sitting and reading my article? No one, but God alone. 

By the command of God almighty, the earth is holding the pillar of your house, so that it does not shake or fall down upon you or your family. God has bestowed everything on earth to mankind. Quran says
“Do you not see, how God has subjected everything on the earth to you, how the ships sail on the see by his command. He holds back the sky from falling down on the earth, except with his permission. God is most compassionate and most merciful to mankind” Al-haj. (the pilgrimage- 65)

But this mercy of God must not be taken for granted, for the earth may deny to support us, if it is commanded so by Him.
Quran reminds us:  “When the earth is shaken with its violent shaking, and the earth will throw up all her burdens and man will cry out. On that day it will narrate all her news, for your Lord will have commanded her to do so.” (The Quake 12345)

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