بدھ، 26 ستمبر، 2012


Mohammad Asif  Reyaz

 It was a heart rending scene, which I came across recently in front of Botanical Garden Metro station, Noida. A big size bull was groaning in pain and was trying to crawl with the help of three legs as his forth leg was injured. It aggrieved me immensely from within, but as helpless I was and could do nothing to this helpless creature, I moved on with heavy heart.
I had hardly moved away a few steps from the scene; to my surprise what I noticed was a very amazing experience for me. It was a very different scene to what I had noticed earlier.  A man with both his legs imputed was riding a motorcycle with a great speed. There was no sign of frustration on his face as was noticed on the face of bull. He was cheerful rather. He was holding no legs even if running on the road with high speed.   
Noticing this opposing incident I came to know the real difference between the man and the animal. Man can move with high speed without having any leg. Despite having no leg man can run on the roads and having no wing he can fly on the sky. But the animal cannot do the same.
Why? Because when God created man He gave him an extra component and that is faculty of Mind. A man is blessed with mind so he is man. Now by using this faculty of mind man is enforcing machines to do work for him. Now man is not running instead the roads are running for him. He is not working instead the machines are working for him.  And this is all miracle of Mind.
Renowned French philosopher Rene Descartes had once said (I think therefore I exist)

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